5-day sports and recreation camp “We know. We swim. Safely” (“Zinām. Peldam. Droši”)

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Time of the event: 19-23 October at 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Venue: Elektrum Olympic Centre (6b Grostonas Street, Riga)
Age of participants:  8-12 years old

Purpose: to organise high-quality and diverse recreation for children and young people during the autumn school holidays. To involve children and youth in various sports activities, develop and improve swimming skills and interest in a healthy lifestyle, the basics of safe recreation near the water. In practical exercises, to help children to understand emergency situations on the water, what to do if you accidentally fall into the water, how easy or difficult it is to help someone getting to the shore.

During the camp, children:

improved their swimming skills – life-saving skills. Every day the programme included a swimming lesson, during which the children performed general developmental exercises to improve their swimming skills with or without special equipment. The lessons were conducted by certified swimming coaches;

under the guidance of a certified lifeguard, the participants learnt the basic principles of safe recreation by the water – both with the help of thematic educational films and by performing practical exercises in the swimming pool;

were engaged in comprehensive physical exercises and got acquainted with various sports.

The CAMP was co-financed by the Education, Culture, and Sports Department of Riga City Council for children studying or having registered place of residence in Riga