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The purpose of the Swim Safe Association is to raise public awareness of swimming as a life-saving skill and the importance of swimming for promoting health, developing physical fitness and strengthening immunity in general.

The founders of the association are Zane Gemze, business development and strategic planning consultant, long-time head of SIA Olimpiskais sporta centrs, member of the board, mother of three sons, and Pēteris Grundiņš, an expert in the field of swimming pools and engineering networks.

Zane’s biggest dream is to teach every child in Latvia to swim, which would prevent children from drowning and improve the sad statistics in terms of drowning.

The philosophy of Swim Safely is to teach by doing – organising workouts and classes during which every participant gains experience while in the water. By acting out different situations, children, young people and adults gain an objective understanding of their abilities and knowledge.

The association “Swim safely” was founded on 19 September 2018.

Since 2019, it is a member of the Latvian Swimming Federation.

In 2021, the association was granted the status of organisation of public benefit in Latvia.

Since 31 August 2022, it is a member of the Cooperation Memorandum between Non-governmental Organisations and the Cabinet of Ministers.


Interest-based educational programme Swimming lessons and safety on the water for children from 6 to 16 years old.


  • public education: information campaigns, infographics, media relations, etc.;
  • organisation of training: children’s camps, professional competence improvement courses, classes for everyone interested;
  • partnership in projects: 24-hour basketball tournament “Krastu mačs”, Latvian Swimming Federation, municipalities;
  • protection of interests, work with decision-making institutions, participation in the development of regulatory enactments;
  • preparation of educational programmes.


Zane Gemze | head of the association | zane@peldet.lv

Pēteris Grundiņš | technical support | peteris@peldet.lv

Renāte Franke | media relations | renate@peldet.lv

Agnese Gedrovica, swimming coach for children and adults of all ages, lifeguard certified by the International Beach Lifeguard Association.

Toms Jēkabsons, swimming and sailing coach for children and adults, water sports enthusiast, manager of the “Liepāja Olympic Centre” swimming pool and SPA, president of the Latvian Windsurfing Association.

Pāvels Murāns, swimming coach, sports and swimming teacher, Latvian swimming record holder, participant in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Kristaps Vaģelis, swimming coach and interest education teacher for children from the age of 5. Organiser of the open water swimming competition “Ciecernieks”.

Inga Amerika, swimming coach for both adults and children from the age of 2. Project manager of the swimming pool department at “Valmiera Olympic Centre”. Swimming enthusiast.

Jeļena Rutka, swimming coach, camp trainer at the “Swim Safe” association.

Emīls Spulle, undergraduate student in “Sports Science”, PII Sports Instructor, “Safe Swimming” camp coach, certified swimming pool lifeguard.


E-mail: drosi@peldet.lv
Phone: +371 26343492