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International conference on how to reduce number of drownings across Europe to be held in Latvia in November

The first international conference “Learn to Swim” will take place in Jurmala, Latvia, on 11-12 November, this year. It is organised by the European Swimming Federation (European Aquatics) in cooperation with the Latvian Swimming Federation (LPF). The main objective of the conference is to share experiences and work together to reduce the number of drownings…
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“Swim Safely” organization: There is no institution in Latvia that would try to reduce the number of drowned people

The biggest problem in Latvia is that there is no single state institution that would coordinate processes to reduce the number of drowned people, Zane Gemze, head of the “Swim Safely” organization, stated in an interview with Latvian Radio. According to her, Latvia ranks first in the number of drowned people in the European Union…
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Map shows Latvia’s grim drowning figures

Every year, approximately between 100 and 150 bodies are pulled from the water in Lavia after drowning, according to data from the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD).  With the association ‘Swim safely’ (Peldēt droši), the service has produced a “blackspot” map showing the locations with drownings over the past three years in Latvia. The map is…
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Drowning is preventable. Every child must be able to swim

Latvia can be called a water power, because almost every second inhabitant of Latvia lives by the water. The population’s ability to swim is really sad, because surveys show that only 6% of Latvians believe that they can swim. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, drowning and drowning in 2018 are in the fifth place in the statistics on mortality from external causes of death. Drowns more than dies in fires.

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