Outdoor lessons for children about safe recreation by the water in 2021

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In the summer of 2021, the Swim Safe team visited several camps throughout Latvia. More than 260 children gained essential knowledge about safe behaviour in, near the water, as well as going on rides using water vehicles. The children learnt vital life-saving skills: how to avoid an accident, what to do in case of danger, how to help someone else. By acting out various situations, children emotionally and physically prepare themselves for the situation that may arise if they accidentally fall into the water in their clothes, that is, involving pulling a person to shore. When children learn how difficult and dangerous it is to help, they will appreciate their strength and make the right choice – to call for help. However, the most important thing that children are taught is to follow the rules so that there are no accidents at all – do not go swimming alone, do not swim in bad weather or in an unknown place.

Lake Kliģu, Augstkalne reservoir, Dobele | 3 August 2021

Engure | 13 July 2021

Salacgrīva | 15 July 2021

Salacgrīva | 11 August 2021

Guest house “Brūveri”, Sigulda | 4 August 2021