Water competence skills training for children and youth

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As part of the project, in the summer of 2020, visiting lectures and practical classes for children and youth on water competence (on safe recreation by the water) will be organised, providing an opportunity to master the essential life-saving skills in open-air water bodies near the places of residence of the target audience.

The classes are held within the framework of the project held by the “Swimming Federation of Latvia” under the title “Support for strengthening activities of the Swimming Federation of Latvia (SFL) and protecting interests in the field of promoting human safety on the water” (project No. 2020.LV/NVOF/MAC/088/06). The event is financially supported by the Society Integration Foundation from the state budget of Latvia allocated by the Ministry of Culture. The association Swimming Federation of Latvia” and the association “Swim Safely” are implementing the project and are responsible for its progress.

Ikškile beach by the River Daugava, Ikškile | 10 July, 17 July, 7 August

Garezeri, Carnikava | 20 july

Lucavsala beach by the Daugava river, Riga | 27 July

Vējupe, Ādaži | 28 July

“Peldbaseins Rifs”, Priekuļi | 31 July

Priežkalni, Padure Parish, Kuldīga Region | 10 August