Workshops on safe behavior near and in water “How not to drown” in Liepaja and Valmiera

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The practical lessons for children and their parents covered the basic principles of safe behavior near and in water. Participants learned the conditions for choosing safe swimming spots, rules for leisure activities near and in water, as well as what to do in emergency situations, the skills needed to survive in the water, and how to help someone in distress. The practical sessions provided hands-on experience.

Participants experienced:

  • accidental immersion in water fully clothed
  • how to put on a life jacket in the water
  • how to help someone in distress – “rescue/pull to safety” an adult or child using specialized
  • equipment and a rescue board
  • relaxing in the water
  • keeping calm and overcoming obstacles
  • getting into a boat or onto a surface (stand-up paddleboard)
  • providing first aid
    Duration of the workshop is 1.5 hours