The course programme for the improvement of professional competence for the sports teachers of general education schools “Learning proficiency by implementing the curriculum in the field of health and physical activity – swimming”, October, November 2021

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In 2021, 160 sports teachers of general education from all over Latvia participated in the programme of professional competence improvement courses for teachers “How to teach swimming so that children feel safe in the water”. In the difficult conditions of the Covid-19 epidemic, face-to-face classes were held in Riga, Daugavpils; due to restrictions, the training of three groups was carried out remotely.

The purpose of the programme is to increase the professional competence of sports teachers of general education in the subject “Sport and Health” under the training module “Swimming” in the formation of swimming skills and safe behaviour skills, planning a new curriculum, teaching and learning in the classroom to change the pedagogical approach in the learning process.

As a result of mastering the programme, the participants will expand their understanding of proficiency, of what the learning process should be like in order for the students to gain competence in matters of safety (knows, analyses and assesses risks in various life situations, makes informed decisions about safe behaviour and takes responsibility for them) and how to incorporate such a process into the “Swimming” training module of the “Sports and Health” subject; as well as how to expand water safety knowledge, swimming skills and safe behaviour skills in possible dangerous situations on/near the water.

Participation in classes is free of charge. At the end of the courses, sports teachers receive a certificate from the State Educational Content Centre for completing the 16-hour course “Learning proficiency by implementing the curriculum in the field of health and physical activity – swimming”, October, November”.


Gunta Falka, a teacher with 27 years of experience, coordinator in the field of health and physical activity in Riga, methodologist of the base of pedagogical practice for students of the Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE), consultant for teachers of Education and Information Services of Riga City (RIIMC)

Haralds Lučkovskis, chief specialist in first aid issues at the State Emergency Medical Service (SEMS), swimming coach.

Pāvels Murāns, swimming coach, sports and swimming teacher, Latvian swimming record holder, participant in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Agnese Gedrovica, swimming coach for children and adults of all ages, lifeguard certified by the International Beach Lifeguard Association.

Toms Jēkabsons, swimming and sailing coach for children and adults, water sports enthusiast, manager of “Liepāja Olympic Centre” swimming pool and SPA, president of the Latvian Windsurfing Association.

Kristaps Vaģelis, swimming coach and interest education teacher for children from the age of 5. Organiser of the open water swimming competition “Ciecernieks”.

Emīls Spulle, undergraduate student in “Sports Science”, PII Sports Instructor, “Safe Swimming” camp coach, certified swimming pool lifeguard.

Professional competence improvement courses are organised by the State Educational Content Centre together with the association “Swim Safely”. 

Riga: “Rimi Olympic Centre” swimming pool, 6b Grostonas Street, Riga 7, 8 October7, 8 October
Daugavpils: Daugavpils Olympic Centre swimming pool, 1 Stadiona Street, Daugavpils 14, 15 October14, 15 October
Online 21, 22 October 28, 29 October 4, 5 November21, 22 October

Overview of the courses: