Training for 30 Latvian Red Cross first aid instructors

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On November 4th, 2023, 30 certified Latvian Red Cross first aid instructors strengthened their knowledge and skills in a Swim Safely lesson. They lead first aid courses for driving schools, companies, schools, and kindergartens every day.

“Today’s task is to test our own abilities in a situation where we would have to go into the water to save someone. Everyone agreed that it is difficult and unlikely that they would do it if the moment came. The ability to save oneself and others can only be acquired and strengthened if there is sufficient swimming skill. If not, drowning is guaranteed,” said Zane Gemze, founder of Swim Safely, sharing the participants’ experiences after the lesson.

During the lesson, the instructors learned by doing. Swim Safely trainers Pavel Murans, Jelena Rutka, and founder Zane Gemze encouraged everyone to experience what it means to accidentally fall into the water with all their clothes on, how difficult it is to pull an immobile body out of the water, and how to overcome various obstacles.