Swimming and sports camp “Swim Safe Together ’23”

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Event time: 23.10.-27.10.

Location: “Kipsala Swimming Pool”, Kipsalas Street 5 and private pre-school educational institution “Creakids”, Zvejnieku Street 12, Riga.

Participant age: 7-14 years.

Thanks to the funding from the Riga City Council, 20 children from Latvia and Ukraine spent five great days together during the autumn break at the “Swim Safe Together ’23” swimming and sports camp.

The program includes swimming and water safety training with the aim of improving children’s swimming skills, physical fitness, and educating them about safe water recreation. Practical sessions will help children understand emergency situations in the water, how to act if they accidentally fall in, and how easy or difficult it is to help someone get to shore. Specialized rescue equipment and mannequins will be used in the sessions.

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