220 teachers have completed the program “How to teach swimming so that children feel safe in the water 2023 | Level 2”

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220 sports teachers in September and October completed the professional competence development course program “How to teach swimming so that children feel safe in the water 2023 | Level 2”. The association “Swim Safe”, in collaboration with the State Education Content Center, organized the courses in Kuldīga, Balvi, Rīga, Daugavpils, and Limbaži this fall. A total of 122 certificates were issued. Participation in the courses was free of charge.

The goal of the program implementation: to deepen the professional competence of sports teachers in the subject of Sports and Health in the module of Swimming for the development of swimming skills and safe behavior skills for students, in order to fully implement the content module of Swimming in the subject “Sports and Health”.

As a result of the program, participants will expand their understanding of the possible outcome in the learning process, which is the student’s competence in safety issues on and near water (identifying, analyzing, and evaluating risks in various life situations, making informed decisions for safe behavior, and taking responsibility for them), and how to implement such a process in practice in the content module of Swimming; deepen knowledge of water safety, swimming skills, and safe behavior skills in possible dangerous situations in the water.

Target audience for the courses: educators – general education sports teachers, professional education general education course Sports and Health teachers who have completed the program “Learning Competence in Implementing the Content of Health and Physical Activity in the Field of Education – Swimming” at Level 1 in 2020, 2021, or 2022.

In Kuldīga on September 21, at the Kuldīga District Sports School sports complex swimming pool
In Riga on September 22 and October 13, at the “Rimi Olympic Center” swimming pool
In Daugavpils on September 29, at the “Daugavpils Olympic Center” swimming pool
In Balvi on October 6, at the Balvi Sports School swimming pool
In Limbaži on October 12, at the “Limbažu” Olympic Center swimming pool

Pāvels Murāns, swimming coach, sports and swimming teacher, Latvian record holder in swimming, participant in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Toms Jēkabsons, swimming and sailing coach for children and adults, water sports enthusiast, manager of the “Liepāja Olympic Center” pool and SPA, president of the Latvian Windsurfing Association.

Kristaps Vaģelis, swimming coach and extracurricular education teacher for children from the age of 5. Organizer of the open water swimming competition “Ciecernieks”.

Emīls Spulle, student in the Bachelor’s program “Sports Science”, PII Sports teacher, “Swim Safe” camp trainer, certified lifeguard for swimming pools.