How to teach kids to swim so they feel safe in the water 2022 | 1st LEVEL

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Swim safely in cooperation with the Latvian Swimming Federation in October 2022 in Balvi, Valmiera and Riga invited every sports coach and interested person to the upgrade training courses “How to teach kids to swim so they feel safe in the water 2022 | 1st LEVEL”.

Thanks to funding received from the Society Integration Foundation, participation in the courses was free of charge, and upon completion of the courses, more than 90 different sports-related educators, coaches and teachers received certificates. Upon completion of training in Balvi, Valmiera and Riga, the overall rating of the participants, according to the information received during the courses, reached 9.35 on a ten-point scale. 77% of the respondents admitted that they had learnt a lot of new things.

The courses are financed by the Society Integration Foundation within the framework of the programme “NGO Foundation”, financed from the state budget of Latvia, the project “Support for strengthening activities of the Swimming Federation of Latvia (SFL) and protecting interests in the field of promoting human safety on the water” (project No. 2022,LV/NVOF/MAC/043/27).

Thanks to cooperation partners Valmiera City, Vidzeme Olympic Centre and Valmiera Swimming Pool, Balvi City and Balvi Swimming Pool, as well as Rimi Olympic Centre for conducting the courses successfully. Special thanks to the company Mohni LS OÜ for the irreplaceable helpers – Ruth Lee mannequins.