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Practical class of the camp “Back to the present” (“Atpakaļ tagadnē”) organised by the 4th scout unit of Valmiera
for 75 participants.

Field practical class in open water for the participants of the camp “Back to the present” (“Atpakaļ tagadnē”) organised by the 4th scout unit of Valmiera. 75 children and young people learnt the basic principles of safe recreation by the water. The children had the opportunity to try what it is like to pull someone out of the water and the conclusion is the one and only: it’s quite difficult!

The most important thing to know:

  • evaluate the environment – visually make sure that there are no trees, stones, overgrown shore, walk the planned swimming trajectory!
  • enter the water slowly, carefully, so that convulsions do not develop from sudden changes in temperature.
  • if someone is in trouble, call an adult for help! Call 112.
  • if you are alone, help the person in distress by offering a floating object (an empty bottle, noodle, swimming board, ring) or something to hold on to – a towel, trousers, a tree, so as not to come into contact with the drowning person, as then you will most likely become a “float” to hold on to! Help to get to the shore by pulling and holding on to the object only!
  • If you don’t have enough strength to pull it out, release the floating object! Let the drowning person feel safe, calm down, call to the shore, ask him/her to swim to you. Request help by calling 112 or wait for help that has already been called!