Practical lessons on safe behavior around and in water “How not to drown” in Carnikava

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Event time: July 16th at 3:00 PM

Location: Carnikava, at the beach at the end of the seaside promenade Participant age: Children from 10 years old and adults!

FREE Funded by: Swim Safely

Basic principles of safe behavior around and in water. Conditions for choosing safe swimming spots, rules for relaxing around and near water. Survival skills in water, actions in emergency situations, helping someone in distress through personal experience, understanding the complexity of the task.

During the lesson, you will experience and learn:

accidental immersion in water with all clothes on

how to put on a life jacket in water

how to help someone in distress – “save/pull to shore” an adult or child using specialized equipment and techniques. relaxing in the water keeping calm and overcoming obstacles

getting on a boat or onto a surface (SUP board)

how to administer first aid

Lesson duration is 2 hours.


PHOTO: Swim Safely and Ādaži Municipality Council